Here are some more useful links

The EconomistEditorial site that provides commentary on a range of issues
RealClearMarketsAggregator of top financial and business-related editorials from around the internet
Project SyndicateEditorial site with commentary that focuses on Economics and business from Nobel Prize laureates and other notable social scientists
Seeking AlphaThe most comprehensive financial blog aggregator on the internet
Value LineA good research publication
Calculated RiskDaily commentary on various macroeconomic events
Abnormal ReturnsDaily blog that includes links to various financial editorials and some commentary on various investing ideas
Stocks DDPharma-oriented daily stock-picking blog
OTC AdventuresWeekly blog that focuses on OTC stock picks
Graham and DoddsvilleValue investing blog that discusses issues and concepts in the value investing world about once a month. Also provides some resources
Value Investment InstituteValue-oriented blog run by professionals that focuses on general ideas and sector-specific investment opportunities
Jason ZweigResources and articles from WSJ columnist and famous value investing author Jason Zweig
Bronte CapitalValue investing blog that discusses various value investing news items and updates every few days
Canadian Value InvestorValue investing blog that discusses pitches and various value investing news items and updates every few days
Frank VoisinValue investing blog that discusses mostly small-cap pitches and value investing books and updates every few days
Gannon and Hoang on InvestingValue investing blog that discusses pitches and concepts
Ideas for Intelligent InvestingValue investing blog that posts weekly links to relevant articles
Market FollyBlog that tracks prominent hedge funds
Musings on MarketsBlog that discusses investing concepts and news items
Old School Value BlogValue investing blog wiht pitches and news items
ShadowStockBlog with deep value micro-cap pitches
Value Investing WorldValue investing blog that focuses on news and concepts
Value Investing NewsA blog that aggregates content from various value investing blogs